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Winner of the Silver IPY award for excellence.

Ten eventful years in GLBT history have passed since the first edition of “A Curious and Peculiar People” was written for the 30th anniversary of Portland’s “Gay Church” in 2006. Major accomplishments in marriage equality, transgender recognition, and military status all grew from the historic accomplishments of the Stonewall era, recounted in this detailed and perceptive account. As the most recognized gay property in the area, MCC provided both a venue and support. This is a case study describing the success and failure of common people working together (mostly) for the common goal. of gay rights. Oregon attracted a unique mixture of activists and committed leaders – establishing early musical groups, churches, PRIDE efforts, underlying creative and committed dedication in the advent of HIV-AIDS.

Research was based on over 200 interviews supplementing 35 years of local gay and lesbian publications. Over 400 photos bring the details of people and places into focus. An extensive listing of local organizations, business, and establishments have become a unique resource to follow-up research, especially in connection with the Oregon Historical Society and the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific North-West.

This edition contains an extensive listing (7 pages Clubs, meeting places, bookstores, and more) of Historic GLBT Venues in Portland, 0ver 300 historical photographs, extensive listings of: Bibliography: Journalistic Publications; GLBT organizations& unions and groups; Community of Welcoming Congregations; and people Interviewed. It also contains an abridged index.

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